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Hydraulic Wear Rings & Guide Rings

At Martin’s Rubber we have a wide selection of hydraulic wear rings and guide rings available in a variety of sizes, materials and styles for all of your sealing needs.

What is a wear ring?

A wear ring, or guide ring, is a seal that is used to help guide a piston or rod into a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. A wear or guide ring acts as the interface between the moving parts of an assembly; the wear ring withstands transverse or lateral loads in such a way as to prevent metal to metal contact between the moving parts of the cylinder assembly. Precision control is important to allow the piston seals and rod seals to function as they are intended to and preserve the condition of the sealing surfaces in order to avoid any costly repairs and refurbishment work to the metal parts of a cylinder assembly.

Hydraulic wear rings

Wear ring materials

Hydraulic cylinder wear rings are made to wear out rather than damage the cylinder and piston. The greater the forces anticipated within the cylinder assembly, both axial and transverse, the more substantial the guide rings must be.

The size and material of your wear rings must be selected based on the environment expected, taking into account the degree of friction losses acceptable in the system.

guide rings

Bespoke hydraulic wear rings

At Martin’s Rubber, thanks to our CNC machinery, we can offer bespoke guide and wear rings to meet your specific requirements. We are able to add material to hydraulic wear rings to compensate for worn or re-manufactured piston or cylinder conditions to help restore the original performance of used equipment as well as provide components for new build designs.

Our range of standard guide rings

For general guidance, view our standard wear ring profiles, where you will find our standard guide rings and wear rings in the following styles:

• F101
• F102
• F103
• F104
• F105
• F106
• F107
• F108

Our guide rings for pistons can be manufactured in a variety of different materials, depending on the application. To discuss your specific requirements, please call us today on 023 80226330, or email us and one of our technical experts will be able to guide you towards the most suitable hydraulic wear ring for you.

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