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U Cup Seals

At Martin’s Rubber, we manufacture cup seals, or hat seals, of all types and materials, in an array of different sizes, to meet your u cup seal project requirements.

What is a u cup seal?

The function of a cup seal, or u cup piston seal, is to contain pressure on one side of a piston without leakage, therefore allowing maximum effort to be applied to moving the piston along the bore of a cylinder. Sometimes referred to as ‘lip seals’, u ring seals are one of the oldest seal designs, and can still be supplied in leather if required. Careful consideration needs to be given to the pressures expected, the friction losses acceptable, whether a single acting capability is required and whether the piston head is integral or split. Looking for another seal product? Why not view our full range of seals.

How do u cup seals work?

Due to their ‘u’ shape, u cups have flared outer lips that work to create an exceptional seal for low pressure and low-speed applications with consistently steady movement. U ring seals are often used for sealing rods and are simple to work with, as they do not require much room. The u ring seal works effectively as its ‘u’ shape naturally creates a tight seal during motion as pressure builds up inside the walls of the ‘u’.

U cup seal design and u cup seal sizes

U cup seals, unsurprisingly, have a ‘u’ shaped profile. The u cup seal’s design consists of an outside static sealing lip and an inside dynamic sealing lip. This provides the u cup piston seal with both resilience and resistance to gap extrusion and wear.

As experienced rubber manufacturers, we can produce u cups in a variety of u cup seal sizes, to meet your requirements. For further information about the sizes in which our u cup piston seals can be made, please contact us on +44 (0) 23 8022 6330 or simply email us and one of our technical experts will be able to advise further.

Order from trusted u cup seal suppliers

Order your u cup seal from rubber manufacturers of distinction, Martin’s Rubber, today. For general guidance, please view our standard profiles guide. Our experienced team is on hand to discuss your u cup seal requirements. For more information on our range of u cup piston seals, feel free to send us your questions using the ‘ask an expert’ contact form or contact us to discuss your specific requirements so that we may advise on the best cup seal solution for your needs. Alternatively, simply call us on +44 (0) 23 8022 6330.

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