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Double acting Piston seals

Double acting Piston seals

Find your ideal double acting piston seal right here, from UK rubber specialists, Martin’s Rubber. We stock a wide selection of standard double action piston seal profiles and can offer bespoke double action piston seals to suit specialist applications.

What is a double acting piston seal?

A double action piston seal is a seal that had been designed to contain pressure on both sides of a piston, thus preventing leakage and allowing maximum mechanical effort to be applied to moving the piston along the bore of a cylinder.


How does a double acting piston seal work?

The seal is intended to prevent leakage across the piston, causing maximum efficiency of system. Pressure is applied from either direction of a double acting piston seal, to drive the ram that the piston is fixed to both in and out or stop it in a controlled position.

How to choose your double action piston seal

Double acting piston seals can be driven either hydraulically (double acting hydraulic piston seals) or pneumatically (double acting pneumatic seals), with appropriate seal designs for each system, and application. When it comes to choosing the most suitable double action piston seal for your project, it is important to consider many contributing factors of the application, including:

  • Pressure expected
  • The friction losses acceptable
  • Whether the piston head is integral or split

The design of the double acting piston seal head will dictate what type of double action piston seal profile and material can be used on the application. Many high-pressure systems require stiff, robust double acting piston seals to control the action of the piston seal.

Double action piston seals available at Martin’s Rubber

At Martin’s Rubber we have a wide range of standard profile double action piston seals. View our standard profiles for a general guide to help you choose the right your piston seal. You will find our standard Double Acting Piston Seals listed as K108 conforming to BS 6984:1998 & BS ISO 7425-1:2002 & BS ISO 7425-2:1989, K109, K109D, K109H, K109N conforming to BS ISO 6547:1981, K116 conforming to BS ISO 5597:2010 & BS 5751:1978 (R05), K117 conforming to BS ISO 6547:1981, K118 conforming to BS ISO 5597:2010 & BS 5751:1978 (R05),  K123 conforming to BS ISO 5597:2010 & BS 5751:1978 (R05), K125 conforming to BS ISO 6984:1998 & BS ISO 7425-2:1989, K138 conforming to BS ISO 6984:1998 & BS ISO 7425-2:1989, K238 conforming to BS ISO 6984:1998 & BS ISO 7425-2:1989, K141 conforming to BS ISO 5597:2010 & BS 5751:1987 (R05), K142 conforming to BS ISO 6984:1998 & BS ISO 7425-2:1989, and K143 conforming to BS ISO 6984:1998 & BS ISO 7425-2:1989.

We can also manufacture your double acting piston seal specially to fit the specific requirements of your application using CNC machinery. Our bespoke seals can be rapid manufactured in a variety of different materials and our standard range can be shipped immediately.

For more information about our double action piston seals, feel free to speak to one of our technical experts by calling us on 023 80226330, or simply send us your questions by email.

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