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Single acting Piston seals

Single acting Piston seals

At Martin’s Rubber, we stock a wide range of single acting piston seals in a range of materials and sizes.

What is a single acting piston seal?

A single action piston seal contains pressure on one side of a piston without leakage, thus allowing maximum effort to be applied to moving the piston along the bore of a cylinder. Single acting piston seals are designed to show specific behaviours and performance, which need to be suitable for any given applications’ requirements.

How does a single action piston seal work?

Single-action piston seals are designed to contain pressure on one side of the piston and the single acting piston seal is required to retain pressure from that direction, which then moves the piston along the cylinder in a ‘single action’. The return stroke of the cylinder must be powered by mechanical energisation or a simple gravity return. These seals can be driven either hydraulically (hydraulic single acting piston seals) or pneumatically (pneumatic single acting piston seals), with appropriate seal designs for each system, and application.

How to choose your hydraulic single action piston seal

When choosing your single action piston seal it is important to take certain factors into consideration, such as:

  • Expected pressures
  • The friction loss acceptable
  • Whether a single acting piston is required
  • Whether the piston head is integral or split

The design of the piston head will determine what types of single acting piston seal profile and material can be used in the application. Many high-pressure systems require very stiff, robust seals and the associated guide rings to control the action of the piston. In this case, the piston will often split into several parts so that seals do not need to be stretched over the piston head and snapped into place, but can simply be assembled in place and the piston head bolted on to the ram rod with a securing nut, once fully built.

Purchasing single acting piston seals through Martin’s Rubber

We stock a wide selection of standard single acting piston seals. Take a look at our selection of standard profiles and feel free to ask one of our technical experts if the single acting piston seal you require is available. If we do not stock the single acting piston seal that you require for your project, we will be able to custom make a suitable hydraulic or pneumatic single acting piston seal, using our CNC machinery in order to offer you high quality single action piston seals in bespoke sizes. We can also add material to compensate for worn or re-manufactured piston or cylinder conditions.

View our standard profiles for general guidance, you will find our standard single acting piston seals listed as K101, K102, K103, K104, K105, K106, K107, all conforming to BS ISO 5597:2010 & BS 5751:1987 (R05) etc. These styles of single action piston seals can be rapid manufactured in a variety of different materials depending on the application, or standard products supplied from stock for immediate shipment.

For more information about our single action piston seals, call us on 023 80226330, or email us and our rubber specialists will be able to guide you to an appropriate solution.

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