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Rotary Seals & Shaft Seals

At Martin’s Rubber, we have a wide range of rotary shaft seals available in a range of sizes and styles that can be custom made for specific application requirements.

What is a shaft seal?

A rotary lip seal contains lubricants behind them in order to ensure a long lifespan of the bearings that support a shaft while it rotates. In addition, a degree of wiping or scraping action is required by the radial shaft seal in order to prevent dust and dirt from entering such bearings. These shaft seals, or rotary shaft seals, should not be confused with linear shaft seals which, although look similar, have a different profile and perform a different wiping action to work correctly along the axis of a stationary shaft, such as a motorcycle fork leg.

rotary lip seal

Shaft seal types

Single acting and Double lip or Multi lip versions of radial shaft seals are available, and consideration needs to be given to:
• The friction losses acceptable
• The environment of the relevant application
• Whether energisation is necessary

rotary seals

Shaft seal by size

Our rotating shaft seals can be manufactured in bespoke sizes and styles using CNC machinery. We are also able to compensate for worn or re-manufactured rod or gland conditions, and help restore the original performance of used equipment as well as provide components for new build designs. You can view our range of standard profiles in our rotating seals catalogue.
To speak to one of our technical experts about the specific requirement for your rotary lip seal, please call us on 023 80226330, or alternatively, email us.

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