Rubber Bushes

We have a vast array of moulds for Rubber Bushes.

These are typically used for Coupling Bushes, AV mounts, Rollers etc, and are listed by Outside Diameter, Inside Diameter and Length. Many of our moulds for Rubber Bushings have a combination of alternative Inside Diameters, and all can be parted off to shorter lengths. Tolerances will depend on the material chosen, and these general purpose tools may not have been designed for a particular material. If you need your rubber bushes to be of a particular size from an given material, we will test mould parts from the existing tooling to establish what sizes are produced from this universal tooling, and if specific adjustments are required, we will discuss this with you. The sizes shown below are only a small example of the many standard rubber bush tools that we have available, with many larger and longer items already set up for manufacture.

Rubber Bushes by Size Chart:

OutsideDiameter (mm) InsideDiameter 1 (mm) InsideDiameter 2 (mm) InsideDiameter 3 (mm) InsideDiameter 4 (mm) Length (mm)
6.35 3.18 23.81
9.35 3.18 4.76 17.78
12.7 3.97 6.35 22.23
15.88 4.75 6.35 11.11
17.46 3.18 4.76 9.52 12.7 26.99
19.05 4.76 6.35 9.52 12.7 38.10
22.23 6.35 9.52 12.7 15.8 25.4
23.81 9.52 12.7 15.88 19.05 28.58
25.4 6.35 9.52 12.7 15.8 23.75

  The humble rubber bush is still an extremely versatile engineering product, and can be a suitable mechanical interface across a huge variety of applications. Our standard mould tools produce parallel sided bushes but special tooling can be manufactured for more complex designs such as barrel shaped bushes or convoluted bushes, where the geometry of the bush delivers a “rising rate” of load / deflection performance that further helps to absorb shock, accommodate  expansion or isolate vibration. Our CNC rubber machining facilities mean that we can also manufacture such bushes without any tooling costs, and also adjust the sizes of the bushes very easily to account for wear in the mating parts. This is often a very useful way to return the equipment to its original performance without the need for expensive re-machining of metal coupling elements.

Rubber Bush CNC machined

Convoluted rubber bush for a drive coupling, CNC machined in nitrile rubber

This reference page is a general guide to the standard products we have available, but please contact our staff with any specific requirements you may have. Imperial Size equivalents also available.