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O Ring Guide
Looking for a standard size O-ring or information about our custom fabrication services? This guide outlines everything you need to know about our standard range of O-rings, materials we use to manufacture them and their availability. Information on BS (British Standard) specified sizes and recommendations on groove sizes.

Seal Profiles
Find out about the selection of seal profiles that are available to you. Intended for personnel involved in machine and equipment refurbishment or maintenance you’ll find out everything you need to know about our seal products including sizes of which we stock over 125 varieties and our custom seal service which can produce nearly any other format of fabricated seal depending on your requirements.

Sheeting Guide
Discover the types of sheeting that may be appropriate to your industry and intended application as well as the choices available to you for purchasing. You will also find information on our sheeting integration services with finished products and a PDF download specifying our sheeting sizes.

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Rubber Bush Guide
This guide is intended to provide information and guidance on the inside and outside diameters we fabricate bush products to. Various applications are specified with more information on materials employed in the manufacture process and actions you need to take to find out more and place your order.