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EPDM Rubber Sheet

EPDM Rubber Sheet

EPDM (Ethylene propylene diene monomer) rubber sheeting has excellent water resistance, both freshEPDM Rubber Sheet
and salt, as well as being very good with ozone, UV and oxidation. The temperature and weathering properties of EPDM rolls are also outstanding. Due to EPDM’s heat resistance and EPDM’s temperature resistance, it is great for use as seals in industrial applications, where materials such as silicone prove unsuitable. It is for this reason that EPDM is a common gasket material.

As established EPDM suppliers, we stock a standard range of EPDM rubber sheet available to purchase in our online store. Follow the link to view our range.

Benefits of EPDM Rubber Sheet

EPDM rubber sheeting is resistant to ageing, water, abrasion, UV and ozone, which makes it the perfect material to use in exposed settings. EPDM rubber sheeting is often used in medium range applications, including man-way gaskets, low pressure pipe seals and weather strips.

Here are some of the main benefits of using EPDM rubber sheet:

  • Can be used in a range of applications
  • Excellent weather resistance properties
  • Wide range of thicknesses available
  • Very durable and long lasting

EPDM Rubber Sheet for Waterproofing

EPDM rubber sheet is also ideal for use in water and is often considered the material of choice for potable water applications. In more general terms, EPDM rubber sheet is a good all-round commercial material, its main weaknesses being with oils and solvents. EPDM rolls can prove to be an excellent solution for settings where chemicals, UV and harsh weather environments are present.

EPDM Rubber Sheet Sizes, Thicknesses & Hardness

Our EPDM rolls are available in a range of different thicknesses and hardness in a commercial grade, or WRAS approved. Our EPDM rolls come in sheets that are 1.4m wide, although we have the ability to cut them into lengths, strips, or gaskets for you.

To find out the range of grades, thicknesses and hardness of EPDM rubber sheet available to purchase, please view our rubber sheet guide.

WRAS Approved & Commercial EPDM Rolls

As quality EPDM suppliers, we stock a multitude of EPDM rubber sheet materials, including WRAS approved EPDM rolls and commercial EPDM rubber sheets, for use in specific applications.

Download our spec sheets for EPDM (commercial and WRAS approved) using the download buttons on the right hand side of the page.