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Mechanical seals webinar for industry experts announced

Mechanical seals webinar for industry experts announced

An online seminar (webinar) detailing a wide variety of sealing systems will kick off from March 15, reports Rubber World. The Hydraulic Institute, in collaboration with the Fluid Sealing Association, aims to cover a wide range of different sealants, their uses, and which are most appropriate for a given situation. As well as learning about which seals might be appropriate for installations such as pumps, agitators and compressors, attendees to the webinar will also gain Professional Development Hours (PDH) points for their participation. These are credits that are awarded in the general engineering field, and contribute towards continuing professional development in the workplace. says that the first webinar, presented by Eric Vanhie, Engineering Manager of EagleBurgmann, will explain how a mechanical seal works. It will additionally give an overview of the most common seal types, such as hydraulic seals for example. “The objectives are to give the student a good understanding of how leakage, friction and wear of the materials interact,” reads the webinar brief. In a second-section, Mike Huebner, Principal Engineer of Flowserve, will explore the “strengths and weaknesses of various design options and impact of design features on seal performance”. Mike is set to discusses seal faces, springs and seal glands in particular. He will also explain the difference in seal chamber designs for common pumps. In the later half of the series, seal installation, seal connection, its environment and seal failure analysis will also be explored. Author: Chris Taylor 29th February 2012

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