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Silma Gallagher completes 15 years service

Silma Gallagher completes 15 years service

When Martins Rubber acquired the assets of Peartree Plastics back in 1998, Silma was one of the ex Peartree staff that joined us in order to help introduce Polyurethane Foam Moulding into Martin’s as a process. Initially working in the PU Foam department and helping to get that running smoothly, Silma began to expand her knowledge of the other processes that we operate, and has continued to progress in the company, moving from the shop floor into the production planning department of the organisation. These days, Silma has brought her organisational skills and conscientious attitude to bear on the rubber moulding and tooling departments of Martin’s, ensuring that the ever changing demands placed on the manufacturing teams are met as promptly and efficiently as possible. We are grateful for her important contribution to the progress of Martin’s over the last 15 years, and look forward to marking her next milestone in 2018.   Author: Adam Hooper 11th February 2013

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