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Top 10 reasons to choose Martin’s Rubber for products for the engineering industry

Top 10 reasons to choose Martin’s Rubber for products for the engineering industry

At Martin’s Rubber, we supply a whole host of rubber products for the engineering industry. In this article, we look at the top 10 reasons for choosing Martin’s Rubber for your engineering polymer needs, whether you’re looking for an engineering design with natural rubber or selecting the correct sealing solution for a range of applications.

Engineering design with natural rubber 

Here are the top 10 reasons to choose Martin’s Rubber for products for the engineering industry.

  1. Work closely with the customer – At Martin’s Rubber, our unique selling point when developing an engineering design with natural rubber for the engineering industry is that we have the materials expertise in-house and can offer Finite Element Analysis to ensure that the customer has the most suitable product for the application.
  2. Offer Rapid Prototypes – If a customer has a very tight delivery schedule for prototypes, or wants to test fit and function, there are a variety of methods we can employ in order to provide prototypes on extremely short lead times.
  3. In-house tooling department – Our in-house tooling department and plastics machining centres mean that we have control of the whole process, from design through development and finally into production.
  4. Onsite material experts – We have material experts on site who will be able to offer advice and work very closely with our compounders and other suppliers to find the right solution, and we can then manufacture in volume on site.
  5. End to end service – Combined with the end-to-end service, we have a variety of manufacture methods on site using the whole range of polymers and engineering plastics, which means that whatever the requirement, we should be able to offer the right solution at the best value for each customer within the industry of engineering. With rubber manufacturing, you can always count on Martin’s Rubber.
  6. Bespoke manufacture and custom builds – With facilities to undertake multiple stages of manufacture and then sub-assembly, or kit parts to order, the opportunities to provide a complete manufacturing and supply service are all covered at Martin’s Rubber.
  7. Responsive lead times – We can offer very fast response lead times due to our in-house facilities and extensive material stock.
  8. Variety of options and techniques –Whether you need your seal to be extruded, moulded or machined we will be able to understand the products unique requirements in order to recommend the most effective process or manufacturing technique.
  9. Expert Advice – At Martin’s Rubber we can provide you with advice on the material best suited to the application, particularly if it has unusual requirements or is being used in a particularly harsh environment.
  10. Stock Holding – Our Stock holding facilities allow us to hold a vast range of products in small to medium volume for a huge range of industries. Our ERP systems allow us to control and maintain appropriate levels of stock at all times. 

If you would like any more information about the plastic products we can supply to the engineering sector, Martin’s general products, or would like some assistance in choosing the right rubber seal products for your needs, feel free to get in touch with Martin’s Rubber today on +44 (0) 23 8022 6330. Or, simply drop us an email at [email protected].

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