Research & Development

Martin’s Rubber supports Research & Development activities for customer projects.

Martin’s Rubber has extensive experience of research & development. This can range from leading or supporting projects to investigating new processes, such as the recent RAPRA Devulc02 project, the RAPRA Remould Project, or indeed bespoke work within a customer’s own operations.

It can also mean specific process developments such as establishing the best method to bond rubber to a new type of substrate, such as PTFE or PEEK.

Our involvement in R&D can mean long-term support for blue chip customers, where project teams are tasked with evaluating future technologies and bringing developments through to a production stage over a relatively long timespan. Alternatively it can mean working to a very tight deadline; for example, in the fast-moving world of motorsport we are often required to rapidly develop and evolve new materials and processes to meet specific needs, often on the leading edge of performance.

Martin’s Rubber also works with entrepreneurs, innovators and inventors on occasion, and we have provided support to the local Inventors Round Table. In situations where an R&D budget is limited, Martin’s Rubber is able to provide invaluable advice and support before projects become unsustainable.

The facilities for rapid prototype and manufacture at Martin’s Rubber are constantly in demand to support research and development, whether to make hand-cut gaskets, single-cavity temporary mould tools, CNC-machined seals of a graduated set of sizes to evaluate a range of fit conditions, or machined engineering plastics parts manufactured prior to production tooling coming on line.

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