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Barry Johnston completes 40 years service

Barry Johnston completes 40 years service

Barry started with the Martin’s back in 1972 at the tender age of 26, taking on a role as a trainee moulder in the rubber shop. He progressed to become the principal operator of our large 2 roll Mill, mixing various recepies of rubber on the Mill from raw materials, in order to provide the fully mixed material for the other moulders working on the presses. Over time, due to tighter regulation, a corporate decision was made to subcontract our rubber compounding activities to specialist providers, but Barry continued to be a key member of our manufacturing staff and worked not only in the mould shop but also in the gasket cutting and fabrication shop, where he has spent most of his time in latter years. These days he is mainly involved in punching gaskets and cutting strip rubber, however his encyclopedic memory is often called on when some of our more traditional jobs re-appear, and his knowledge is passed on to and recorded by the current generation of staff. Barry has been a model of punctuality throughout his working life and has an exemplary attendance record, which has been greatly valued by the company. Happily, despite passing his 65th birthday recently, Barry has opted to continue working on reduced hours for the meantime, so, like his colleague Jo Kijanski who started with Martin’s back in 1950 but still comes in once a week, we look forward to having Barry around for some time to come. Author: Adam Hooper Date: 30th April 2012

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