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Custom rubber products from Martin’s Rubber

Custom rubber products from Martin’s Rubber

Looking for a custom rubber manufacturer who can make products to your exact requirements? At Martin’s Rubber we have an experienced technical team who can work with customers to provide the perfect rubber solution.

What are Custom Rubber Products?

At Martin’s Rubber, we make it our goal to provide you with the perfect rubber solution for your exact product requirements. As custom rubber manufacturers, we aim to provide solutions for those who cannot find exactly what they need and require something a bit more specific. Whether you need a new product designed and manufactured from scratch or would like a customised version of one of our Martin’s Rubber products, we have the solution for you.

What is involved in the custom rubber parts manufacturing process?

Need a rubber product designed for your specific requirements? Our experienced technical team can provide design input using their wealth of rubber knowledge. This often begins with creating or modifying 3D files and the provision of 2D drawings or parts.

Our custom service has been developed further as we now undertake the sourcing of bespoke parts, processes and services to provide added value and kits of parts. We can then assemble the set of parts into whatever complete form you require. We can design custom rubber products specific to your company, using your own trademarked packaging and bespoke labelling, to make them consumer ready.

A consultation with our Technical Team can provide expert advice on various factors, including:
Material selection
Product design
● Tolerances
● Colour
● Smell
● Feel

Can Martin’s Rubber help me rectify a problem with an existing custom rubber product design?

Yes. We recommend always including our designers from an early stage to avoid wasting your time and money producing parts which may not suit the application – for example, making an incorrect material selection. However, we regularly work with customers to solve problems around existing rubber products – either that are failing in situ, or that are only at design and prototype phase. For example, customers may approach us with an existing design that has cost them time and money with concerns that the product they are suggesting will not work. In this situation, our technical team can undertake FEA to assess whether this is likely to be the case, and will then make suggestions to adjust the incorrect design to develop a functional and effective product.

Where to purchase your custom moulded rubber products

Would you like to discuss your custom rubber parts manufacturing process? Call one of our technical experts by calling 023 8022 6330 or email us at [email protected].

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