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How to design rubber components (FAQ)

How to design rubber components (FAQ)

Need a rubber manufacturer who can provide you with products made to your specific requirements? Read this article to find out the answers to your most frequently asked questions regarding the industrial rubber components design process at Martin’s Rubber.


Do Martin’s Rubber offer bespoke rubber products?

Yes, at Martin’s Rubber we strive to come up with a rubber solution to accommodate your rubber needs, whatever they may be. It is important to remember that the customer remains responsible for warranting the effectiveness, safety and performance of any industrial rubber design or any alternative proposed by Martin’s Rubber, as well as the proving of samples or production parts in service.

What is involved in the industrial rubber design process?

The design stage of rubber components can vary from the creation or modification of 3D files to the provision of 2D drawings for parts. Although we do not offer design services to generate original parts from scratch, we often work with customers to refine the design of their product.
The best approach is to involve our designers from the very start of a project. This is important, as it prevents wasting design time or incorrect material selections. Customers have often approached us with high cost products that do not work, where we have helped them solve the problem.

Do Martin’s Rubber assist customers in the design of industrial rubber components?

Yes, our staff have the technical expertise to assist you with specific problems or work programs. Although we do not directly design rubber products ourselves, we offer a consultation service to designers. We are able to make suggestions regarding:
Product design and simulation
• Material selection
• Tolerance bands
• Intangible factors such as feel and smell

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