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Custom Rubber Product FAQs

Custom Rubber Product FAQs

At Martin’s Rubber, we get asked countless questions about our custom rubber products. Therefore, we have gathered your most frequently asked questions and put together answers from our experts in order for you to decide which custom moulded rubber products are the best solution.


What is rubber moulding?

Rubber moulding is the process in which a rubber product is made. At Martin’s Rubber, we use one of three techniques in order to provide you with the moulded custom rubber product that you require. These are: injection moulding, compression moulding and transfer moulding. All of these techniques use heat and pressure to create the product you desire, whether it is for automotive, manufacturing or industrial applications, to name a few.

Each moulding method has both advantages and disadvantages which you can find here. However, at Martin’s Rubber we strive to find the most suitable mould design and moulding method to ensure that your product is manufactured in the most suitable way for the design, application, volume and material in question.

Can I purchase custom moulded rubber products in bulk?

Yes. At Martin’s Rubber, we can provide you with unique, bespoke custom rubber products in quantities to suit your requirements; this might either be one drop of a bulk order, or supplying to a pre-agreed schedule to feed your production line or to meet your customers’ requirements.

What type of custom moulded rubber products are available at Martin’s Rubber?

At Martin’s Rubber, we can manufacture custom rubber products for a range of industrial applications such as niche automotive, construction, defence, electronics, food and beverage and leisure. We are able to manufacture very small, lightweight products as well as bulkier items up to 1200mm in length. For a full list of the projects we have worked on and the materials we have stocked or developed, see this page.

How can I order a custom moulded rubber product?

Here at Martin’s Rubber, we understand that each particular product can have differing needs and requirements. To discuss your specifications, call us on 023 8022 3330 or simply fill out this contact form and we will get back to you at a time that suits you best.

How long will I have to wait for my specific custom rubber moulding?

Custom rubber products will have varying lead times dependent on the type of moulding method, the material, mould design and quantity that you require, however we are used to working with industries such as aerospace and motorsport who have very specific timeframes, often very short lead-times, and we will work with our customers to factor this into our design and manufacture recommendations if we know this at the point of enquiry.

For more information from one of our experts regarding how long the manufacturing process will take please contact us, or call 023 8022 3330. If you have any more questions regarding custom rubber products, or any of our other available products, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our experts will be more than happy to assist you.

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